Facilities Management


Interserve is a major provider of Facilities Management and Support Services in the UK and around the world. We have successfully exported this expertise and service to the Middle East and Khansaheb Facilities Management has become a market leader within the UAE.

We provide a wide range of FM services using specialist software and expertise to deliver a preventative maintenance regime second to none in the UAE.

Individually configured to meet the specific requirements of every client, our unique delivery model ensures performance improvements within a framework that provides consistent value for money.

Year on year improvements in service means we maintain and enhance the value of the Buildings Facilities and Assets of our customers Our partnership with Interserve allows us and our clients to benefit from global experience in the following fields:

  • Major central and local government properties
  • Schools, colleges, universities
  • Corporate head offices
  • Retail malls
  • Retail units, business parks
  • Airports
  • Industrial processing plants power facilities
  • Military bases and strategic facilities

Our asset management team are highly experienced in state of the art computer aided facilities management systems that monitor, maintain and record all asset data throughout the life cycle. We implement preventative or condition based maintenance programs to ensure the very best efficiency, productivity and whole life cost effectiveness.

We are highly skilled in service integration across a wide range of systems to provide a seamless and customer focused solution to all our clients’ requirements with consistency and reliability.

We welcome performance measurement and service delivery tools as key indicators of the fulfilment of our clients’ requirements, our performance and customer satisfaction.