Waste Water Management


Khansaheb Civil Engineering has entered into an agreement with Bionest Technologies Inc, A technology-based company, Bionest designs, manufactures and markets Bionest Wastewater Treatment Systems. These systems provides cutting-edge solutions for the treatment of domestic wastewater. These systems achieve a high level of water purification using a simple, efficient and durable technology that treats conventional domestic strength sewage as well as high strength wastewater found in commercial and community type applications. With 24,000 systems installed worldwide Bionest is known across Canada, the United States, Caribbean, France, Costa Rica and has now expanded to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Bionest products are engineered to achieve the highest pollutant removal targets using the most simple and robust technologies. Bionest’s optimal process uses naturally occurring micro-organisms to degrade pollutants in a controlled environment. Billions of micro-organisms are cultured on the Bionest patented media and are exceptionally effective in removing pollutants harmful to public health and the environment. Bionest technology has been tested and verified by third party entities against protocols recognized in Canada (ETV), the United States (NSF) and Europe (CE Mark) and consistently met and surpassed those standards.


Bionest - A Green Technology

  • Qualify for LEED or ESTIDAMA credits
  • Reduces the pressure on the sewage networks
  • Reduces the demand and consumption of sweet water
  • Reduces traffic jams caused by sewage water tankers
  • Increases green areas
  • Qualifies for LEED or ESTIDAMA credits
  • Odourless and quiet
  • Simple components (settling tank, bioreactor, filter, air pumps, media, tablet chlorinator)
  • Minimal sludge removal (once every 2 to 5 years)
  • Low ecological footprint
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ease of installation
  • No skilled attendant required
  • Cost effective
  • Systems can be in ground and permanent, or containerized and relocateable
  • In ground systems can be installed discreetly resulting in minimal visual impact
  • Containerized systems are modular making them easy to expand to accommodate future increased capacity
  • In ground systems have a “gravity flow” advantage (“no pump” design optimization)
  • Media never needs replacement
  • No hazardous chemicals – only chlorine tablets