Our Successes

Our Successes

Our Successes

Since we started our sustainability drive in early 2013 we have had considerable success:

We have a trade training centre delivering courses in best practise methods and procedures for our operatives and front line supervisors. All our operatives and front line supervisors are now trained in their chosen occupation, whether it be masonry, carpentry, steel fixing or any others in the broad range that we provide.

We have implemented sustainable supply chain management and are working with our supplier and subcontractors to reduce waste, reduce carbon, and procure all our timber products from sustainable sources.

Our fuel & water costs have reduced by 40% from 2012 by better management of our fleet of vehicles, plant and equipment and the use of renewable energy. Not only does this significantly reduce our CO2 emissions but it also reduces our costs and makes us more competitive.

We are training the next generation of construction professional through our graduate training scheme and work placements. We already have a team of young professionals taking their first steps in to the industry with Khansaheb.

We have put in place a health and wellbeing programme for our staff and operatives that includes providing a better quality of accommodation, increased recreational amenities, healthier food and health monitoring.

We have invested in BioNest units to recycle our waste water to a quality high enough that it can be reused for a wide range of things such as irrigation, curing, dust suppression and compaction. The BioNest units are low energy, quiet, odourless and are being installed on our projects and accommodation facilities.

We are working with the Absher initiative to encourage UAE nationals into our workforce and enhance the skills of UAE citizens. We have already increased the amount of UAE nationals by 28% and are working hard to increase this further.